Samsung is developing the LTE Gear S4 in the US

Gear S4

The successor to the Gear S3 smartwatch is due to be released later this year. We exclusively reported last month that Samsung has now started developing the Gear S4 bearing model number SM-R800. Some new information has now surfaced which reveals that the new smartwatch is being developed by Samsung in the United States.

Samsung didn’t release the Gear S3’s successor last year and launched the Gear Sport instead. That smartwatch is basically a cross between the Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier. More fitness-focused than some of Samsung’s other smartwatches, it didn’t quite feel like a true successor to the Gear S3.

Gear S4 development underway

We reported last month that the SM-R800 is likely going to be launched as the Gear S4 later this year. It’s referred to as the Galileo internally. The report also mentioned that aside from improved internals, Samsung would also add improved health and fitness features to the smartwatch. It’s expected to offer more in-depth sleep tracking as well.

The LTE variants of the Gear S4 have entered development in the United States and it appears that they will be available on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. It also appears that the smartwatch may be offered in two different versions or sizes. This will likely become more clear in the days to come as additional information concerning Samsung’s new smartwatch inevitably surfaces.

We previously reported that Samsung is planning to release this smartwatch in the fourth quarter of this year. It’s unclear as yet how much it’s going to charge for the Gear S4 but one can reasonably expect it to be priced at a couple of hundred dollars at least.