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Download latest Adobe Flash Player APK for Android

Download Android Adobe Flash Player APK version (NEW 11/12/2012)

A list of certified devices can be found a Http://www.adobe.com/go/certifieddevices.

adobe flash player for android
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How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Devices

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Device, Many people We found asking this question after August 15 2012 (The date when Adobe pulled Flash from the Play Store and they officially stopped supporting  Adobe Flash Player For Android) in many Smartphone’s forums. The answer for their question is, no doubt flash is being phased out of convention, and you won’t be able to download flash from the Play Market. That however doesn’t mean that you can’t get Adobe Flash Player For Android. Fortunately, though, it’s pretty easy to get Flash up and running manually, assuming you understand the risks. Continue reading