15 ways to improve your iPhone’s battery life

Got an iPhone for the holidays? Apple’s latest iPhones still don’t pack as much battery life as some of their nearest competitors. But by applying a few system tweaks, you can improve your iPhone’s battery life considerably. Here’s how you can conserve your mobile’s power.

  1. Lower your display brightness as much as possible and disable “Auto-Brightness” (Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness)
  2. Kill Siri’s “Raise to Speak” option (Settings > General > Siri, then disable the Raise to Speak)
  3. Disable automatic music downloads, automatic app downloads and automatic app updates (Settings > iTunes & App Store)
  4. Enable “Reduce Motion” (iOS 7′s parallax effect doesn’t just make people sick, it also kills their iPhone batteries — disable it in Settings > General > Accessibility)
  5. Turn off all vibration (Settings > Sounds)
  6. Disallow frequent location learning (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services, then switch off the Frequent Locations option)
  7. Turn off 4G/LTE (Settings > Cellular)
  8. Enable Wi-Fi any time you’re near Wi-Fi (Apple’s iPhones are great with Wi-Fi power management, so Wi-Fi uses much less battery than cellular data)
  9. Even still, be sure to disable Wi-Fi when you know you’ll be out of range for an extended period of time
  10. Reduce “Auto-Lock” time so your display turns off after just 1 minute (Settings > General)
  11. Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it (Swipe up from any screen to bring up the Control Center, then tap the Bluetooth icon)
  12. Disable AirDrop when you’re not using it (Swipe up from any screen to bring up the Control Center, then tap AirDrop and select Off)
  13. Disallow background data refreshing for apps that don’t need it (Settings > General > Background App Refresh)
  14. Set email accounts to “fetch” instead of “push” (Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendars > Fetch New Data, then disable Push and set each email account to Fetch)
  15. There are more extreme measures you can take when things really get dicey, such as enabling airplane mode or disabling mobile data, but the tips above will conserve as much power as possible while still leaving your iPhone functional.