The specs of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 unveiled

Samsung has already been working on its next generation of Samsung Galaxy S Tabs. This line of tablets will have show up two devices in the line of Tab S2 with two different sizes. Samsung has chosen to go for the ratio of 4:3 aspects which has already been adopted by Apple iPads and by Google for its Nexus 9.
Until now, we only know about few specs of Galaxy S tabs such as it is going to have Super AMOLED touch screen and will be thinner than any iPad. But now we have got quite a pretty and neat list of specs which will be featured by this 9.7 inches Galaxy tablet. Continue reading

Safety comes first: Samsung announced the safety solution for public based on LTE

Public safety has been a primary concern of almost all the major technology manufacturing companies. Samsung has initiated a step by announcing that it plans to launch a exclusive public Safety solutions that will be based on LTE. This new technology will enable the multimedia delivery of the data in cheap and efficient manner with minimum security risks involved. According to Samsung this upcoming technology will be a major candidate which is expected to operate the public safety networks of next generation because it is easily upgradable as well as extendable. Continue reading

Awesome news for Galaxy Note 2 Users: it will be updated to Android 5.0

It is quite unlikely that we have heard of the more than two years older device getting an Official Android update. Besides Google Nexus Line up, almost every flagship receive just one or two Android updates in two years time span and after that the focus shifts towards the new version of the device. But Samsung has taken a step further in case of Galaxy Note II. Continue reading

Tremendously successful Pebbel’s smartwatch received firmware and Android update for version 2.3

Pebble smartwatch has been a huge success. It started off as a Kickstarter device funded through crowdfunding, which set the records for the amount of money it raised. This smartwatch has been made available for purchase on Pebble’s official website as well as on Best Buy. Pebble recently received the new updates for its Android and iOS apps along with an update for its firmware. Continue reading

LG planned to luanch its all metal Luxury smartwatch at upcoming MCW in Barcelona

With the expected release of the Apple smart watch, other companies are also diving into the competition of producing smart wearable. On Monday, LG announced that it has planned to officially present and launch it Urban Luxury smartwatch at the 2015 MCW event which is going to take place in Barcelona. This exclusive and latest smartwatch possess a power of Android and will feature a complete metallic body. The watch will be available in both silver and golden metallic body finish. Continue reading

Be ready to grab Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 at Carphone Warehouse in UK

It was reported just few weeks back that the Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 will head towards the United Kingdom and will be made available soon. Now this report has turned out to be true, as one of the eminent Retailer in UK, Carphone Warehouse is already taking the pre-orders of both the Galaxy smartphones. In addition to selling Galaxy A5 and A3 through the local retailers in UK, these smartphones will also be sold through Samsung’s official outlet in the country. Continue reading