Moto G4 Plus apparently coming with fingerprint scanner

Back in January, a Lenovo executive talked about this year’s upcoming Moto smartphones, mentioning that all should feature fingerprint scanners, and screens of at least 5 inches. While we don’t know exactly when Motorola Mobility (purchased by Lenovo in 2014) will announce its new handsets, it looks like we already know the names of two of them: not long after finding out about the Moto X3, we’re now hearing that a Moto G4 Plus is in the making, too. Continue reading

Google releases Android TV remote for iOS

Google has finally released a version of the Android TV remote app for iOS and it works exactly as you might expect it to. As per usual, you’ll need your iOS device to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Android TV and then you’ll have a few different ways to control the TV. You can use the directional pad option, the touchpad option for easier scrolling, or use voice commands if that’s your preferred method. The app also has an always accessible play/pause button.

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