AT&T finally releases Marshmallow for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+

AT&T subscribers will be happy to learn that their carrier is finally rolling out Marshmallow for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. It’s the last major mobile network in the United States to release Marshmallow for these handsets. The updates weigh in at around 1.6GB and they are now being rolled out to the aforementioned devices over-the-air. Continue reading

Galaxy S8 Rumored To Sport A Dual-Camera Setup To Challenge The iPhone

The latest rumor about a dual camera setup has nothing to do with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. It actually has to do with a phone that probably won’t be introduced until next February, the Samsung Galaxy S8. Word out of China is that the next iteration of Samsung’s flagship smartphone will feature a dual camera module on the back of the phone. The rumor says that this will be a home grown component devised by Samsung Motors (Semco). Continue reading

Latest rumor about the Apple iPhone 7 says it supports dual SIM cards, and sports a headphone jack

One of the most intriguing rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 is that it’ll ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, meaning users will have to get audio output via Lightning or Bluetooth. But according to a leakster, this may no longer be the case. Rock Fix, a smartphone repair shop based in China’s Ganzhou, has recently been posting photos of alleged iPhone 7 components. Continue reading

Even with 6GB of RAM, the OnePlus 3 has some trouble with multitasking compared to the S7 Edge

Over the past couple years our smartphones have turned into powerhouses we never would have imagined even a few years ago, but things took a step even further earlier this week with the announcement of the OnePlus 3. With 6GB of RAM under the hood you’d expect this phone to be an exception in a world of laggy Android phones with subpar performance, but that doesn’t seem to be the case just yet… Continue reading