5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Getting Extremely Hot And Battery Drains Rapidly

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are two of the best phones ever. But they’re not perfect. However, users have reported several issues with this phone. One of t hem is the problem of overheating.

Several tweets and Reddits remarked that the iPhone 6 was getting very hot with prolonged use. Not only that, a few users even noticed that the battery drained after being used for a short time. Thankfully, most of these issues have a simple solution. So if your new toy is playing up, read on and you might be able to fix it without a trip to the Genius Bar.


Solution No.1: Reboot your phone

The first thing you should do is to reboot your phone: press and hold the “power” and “home” buttons together until the Apple logo shows up, then let go the buttons and your phone will restart.

Solution No.2: Turn off automatic updates

This simple step may fix the problem. Go to Settings > iTunes & app store > automatic downloads > updates and turn it off. The iPhone will cool down, and the battery will not drain as fast.

Solution No.3: Turn off unnecessary apps

Even the iPhone 6 has 1GB of ram memory, and often, you overload it with many unnecessary applications running in the background. Go to iPhone Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn it all off.

Solution:4 Change the level of brightness

Usually, you do nothing on your iPhone, but the display is on all the time and this causes the maximum phone graphic exploitation. That affects the device, especially the battery. Change the level of brightness to the lowest possible. That way, your phone won’t be as hot, and the battery will last much longer.

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Solution No.5: Reset to factory settings

Reset to factory settings is always helpful. First, backup your iPhone. Go to General, choose Reset, and select Erase All Content and Data, and then tap on “Erase iPhone”. After that, set up your iPhone as new and all the problems should be fixed.

These 5 Ways to fix iPhone 6 getting extremely hot and battery drains rapidly will solve the issues.