Android 4.3 confirmed by Google developer website

In advance of its keynote presentation at Google I/O 2013, Android 4.3 has been confirmed in a search listing on Google’s developer website. The news won’t come as much of a surprise to those who follow the mobile industry closely, since rumors to that effect have been swirling for weeks.

Android 4.3 confirmed

A webpage detailing the security enhancements in Android 4.3 was uploaded, and Google’s own web crawlers have caught it, leading to it being displayed it in the search results. That’s as sure a sign as it gets that Google is planning to unwrap 4.3, and at the Moscone Center.

Android 4.3 is still largely a mystery, but the update is expected to support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the OpenGL for Embedded Systems 3.0 graphics specification. BLE would help conserve battery life on mobile devices that connect to peripherals like smartwatches and speakers, and OpenGL allows for advanced visual effects in games and graphics-intensive applications.

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