Android KitKat 4.4 Features

At last Google launches Android KitKat 4.4, a proper, immersive and beautiful firmware. It’s the first Android firmware which is optimized for 512MB of Ram. Its design is more polished than previous versions. It will give users better performance that they never been used before on any Android firmware. It gives you a lot of cool new features like Google launcher.

Just say “Ok Google”

Google introduce a new feature in its new firmware Android KitKat 4.4. If you want to launch voice search, send a text or get directions just say “Ok Google” when you are in Google now or on your home screen. You don’t have touch your device’s screen for that.

A work of art

Now a beautiful and full-screen album art will be display on your lock-screen while you listen to your favorite songs or watch your movies.

Immerse yourself

It’s also a new feature introduced by Google in Android KitKat 4.4. It is called immerse mode. While you are reading your favorite books or playing games or even watching a movie on your device the immerse mode will automatically hides all other things and gives you better view of those things. For bringing everything back, swipe on the edge of your screen.

Faster Multi-Tasking

New Android 4.4 optimizes with your device’s performance and gives you all time high and improved performance which makes your devices way faster than before. Now you can listen to your music while you are playing your games or surfing on the web without a glitch.

Future is calling

The new phone app embed in 4.4 automatically prioritizes the contacts you mostly used. It also search’s for nearby places, local business and people you have in your Google App-domain.

A smarter caller ID

It also introduces a feature called smart caller ID. When you get a call from an unknown caller ID it will automatically search for local businesses listed on Google Maps.

All your messages in the same place

New Android firmware shows all your messages in a single place no matter on what you receive them. In this way you will never able to miss any of your messages.

Emoji everywhere

There things you can’t explain in a text. For this purpose Google gives you Emoji. You can show your felling through them. New colorful Japanese characters are also available in Google Keyboard.

Grab & Go

All new features of Android KitKat 4.4 firmware helps in doing things when you are on the move.

Print whenever, wherever

Now you can attach your device with a printer and print whatever you want like Photos, documents, and web pages etc.

Pick a file, any file

Quick Office app gives you the facility to store your document on Google drive or any other online cloud services or on your device.

Your office, anywhere

You can also create and edit your spreadsheets, office documents or presentations etc.

Bluetooth MAP support

New Android firmware now supports Message Access Profile (MAP) with the help of this feature cars on which Bluetooth is enabled can receive and send messages.

Chromecast support

Now with the help of a chromecast and your Android device, you can easily listen to your favorite songs or watch your movies from Google Play, Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube on your HDTV.

Chrome web view

Now Google Chrome can render components easily, more quickly and accurately which are embedded by applications on the web.

Closed captioning

And Android starts supporting subtitles and closed captioning. If you like to turn this feature on, just go to setting, scroll down to Accessibilities and tap on captions.

Device management build-in

This feature gives you the power to find your device or wipe it in the case you lost your device. You can perform these actions with the help of Android Device Manager.

Downloads app redesign

Google has redesign there Downloads app. Now it features many other options like sorting, grid and list views of all your downloaded files.

Easy home screen switching

Now you can switch between your home screens very easily, just go to Settings and then Home. You can use this feature if you like to customize your home screen or you have installed two or more home screen.

Email app refresh

The new and redesigned mail app gives you better UI experience. Now it gives you the option to nest folder, displays contact pictures and also gives you way better navigation system.

Full-screen wallpapers with preview

Now you can see a preview of your wallpaper before setting it on your screen just to see how it looks before you actually set it, and also wallpapers are extended to System Buttons and Notification bar.

HDR+ photography

Android also gives HDR+ mode on Nexus 5 which automatically snaps more than one shot and gives you a best shot after combining them. As usual Day time pictures are vivid as they were before but nighttime picture comes with less noise and more result.

Infrared blasting

Now Android device will able to support applications to control TV’s and other remote control devices with the help of Infrared Blasting (IR) technology.

Location in Quick Settings

Now you can easily access your location services no matter what you are doing, just access Quick Settings and you will see a new title for locations.

Location modes and monitoring

Android now introduce two options for location services. If you have to save your device battery just go to Settings, Location from there you can choose between high accuracy and battery-saving location modes. And if you want to know which app is using location just go to Settings and Location.

Secure app sandboxes

Now Android offers enhanced security with Security-Enhanced Linux for your application sandboxes.

Step counting build-in

Android firmware gives you a better and updated hardware for battery saving fitness apps. When you use any of the fitness app in Nexus 5, it starts working as a pedometer and automatically counts your steps.

Tap to pay, build a new way

Android 4.4 introduced a new system that let your apps manage your information in the online cloud services or on your device. This system is known as open architecture for NFC payment. Now you just tap to pay with Google Wallet or in any other app to access millions of store products.

Touchscreen improvement

Now your Nexus 5 will respond to your touch faster and way more accurate than before because of its improved and proper software.

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