Apple has been testing a method to charge the battery for its iWatch

Of all the Apple rumors to circulate during the Tim Cook era, the “iWatch” has been one of the most persistent. Nick Bilton, who co-bylined the NYT report, was the first person to break the news that Apple was working on the iWatch.

NewYorkTimes published a report on sunday that Apple has been testing various ways to charge the iWatch. The first method, familiar to many of us, is through the use of magnetic induction. In this mathod phone is placed on a charging plate, an electrical current creates a magnetic field, which creates voltage that powers the phone. This method is not new because this technology is already being used in some nokia phones.

The 2nd mathod experimented by apple is to use of solar cells embedded in the screen. There would be two cases in this method, one is that watch would have a curved glass screen, and one idea is to add a solar-charging layer to that screen, that would make solar charging easier.

The last method involves charging the battery through movement, As we all know that this technology is also being used in many of today’s timepieces to charge the bettry.

Google also has been looking at new battery technologies, trying to figure out ways to extend the life of smartphones.