Apple iPhone 6S expected to be supported with 2GB of RAM

Almost all previous Apple iPhones came with less than 1GB RAM. Apple iPhone 5 arrived with 1GB RAM and since then it has not yet introduced a higher RAM in any of its other smart phone models. But it does not mean that the technology has not improved. Apple iPhone 5 was packed with LPDDR3 memory. The latest iPhone 6 and 6plus has also followed the line of iPhone 5, having the similar 1GB LPDDR3 memory.

Apparently, it seems that Apple was having a tough time to decide which memory technology it should use in next models of iPhones, particularly because the new LPDDR4 is 35% more expensive than its predecessor LPDDR3. In addition to this, Apple was facing some production issues with Micron regarding the availability of the latest RAM chips which stopped it from using the latest RAM technology in iPhone6.

But now the rumors are in the air, that Apple has planned to introduce 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM in its next iPhone version which is anticipated to be named as Apple iPhone 6S. According to the rumors, the RAM modules for the next model of iPhone will be provided by Samsung (30%), Hynix (50%) and Micron(20%). The Micron has been kept at low because of its previous record of some production issues.

The new and latest RAM will definitely provide great benefits as compared to the previous generation of Apple smart phones such as double bandwidth with the same level of power consumption as that of LPDDR3.