Apple releasing iOS 8.0.2 soon for fixing the issues of iOS on Apple iPhone 6 and 6plus

Immediately after the release of the Apple’s latest update 8.0.1 on their OS smart phones, the users of the Apple iPhone6 reported some serious problems with the network connectivity and with the Touch ID support. This is quite a serious kind of problem but Apple showed its immediate concerns and did not wasted any time in acknowledging the issues.

Now it has been officially announced by Apple on its support page that Apple’s latest iOS 8.0.2 update for fixing these problems will be soon available to the users of Apple iPhone6. It will be ready in the coming few days and will be available for downloading on the phone.Temporarily, the Apple’s support page now officially provides the users with the step-by-step guidelines on how they can download and install the vanilla iOS8.

Last couple of days after the release of Apple iPhone 6 and 6Plus has not proved very good for Apple. Firstly, it faced the #bendgate blunder and now the failure of iOS 8.0.1. But the surprising thing is that despite these issues, the Apple smart phones are selling like hot cakes. It is still not clear whether these problems will cause any damage to the success of Apple or not. Now let’s see how the latest Apple iOS update fix the issues and to what extent. Inform us how your Apple iPhone 6 or 6Plus is working with iOS 8.0.1 for you and how you are managing to run it!