Apple’s rumored AR headset may pack 8K displays and VR support

Apple is developing a wireless headset that can be used for both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), according to a new report.

There’s very limited information about the headset and CNET is only citing a single source in its report. It describes a dream headset with technology that doesn’t exist so far on the market. CNET says there will be an 8K display for each eye, which seems ambitious, considering the best VR headsets on the market now barely reach 4K per eye. The headset will have cameras that detect the surroundings. It’s supposedly going to connect to a dedicated box through a high-speed, wireless tech called 60GHz WiGig. The box will be powered by a 5-nanometer proprietary Apple processor, the anonymous source told CNET. Apple’s current A11 Bionic processor in the iPhone X uses 10-nanometer construction, so this would utilize an as-yet-unreleased chip.

There’s no certainty that the features will remain as they are with the 2020 launch, assuming Apple doesn’t cancel it. The company has declined to comment on rumors so far. It’s no secret that Apple is very interested in augmented reality, though, and it has spent recent years acquiring companies involved in everything from mixed reality headsets to smart glasses. Apple clearly wants to get into AR and VR hardware, and its best shot at competing against HTC, Oculus and other rivals is to build a device that puts current offerings to shame.

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