Why you should buy HTC 10 : Top 10 Reasons

Fabulous aluminum unibody design: There are plastic, glass, and metal phone designs today, but I’m a sucker for great metal phones. Huawei did a great job with the Nexus 6P, but nothing matches the design, fit, and finish of the HTC 10.

Hi-Res audio experiences: You get the return of HTC BoomSound on the HTC 10, with a change in how it’s implemented. You also get an ear-blowing powered amp in the headset jack. In addition, HTC provides high resolution audio recording and my buddy Basil posted a great example of this capability with a singer. You can also see this in the video embedded below.

USB Type-C 3.1 with Quick Charge 3.0: Unlike many other smartphones with USB Type-C, the HTC 10 actually supports the 3.1 standard for faster data connections to your computer. It also supports Quick Charge 3.0 so you can top off in minutes and ensure you get through a day or more in not time flat.

Front-facing camera with OIS: The HTC 10 is the first smartphone with optical image stabilization support for the front-facing camera. This helps you capture selfies with less blur.

Rear UltraPixel 2 camera: The rear camera module is similar to what we see in the Nexus 6P, but also has OIS. Thus, you will find solid low light performance and great true color capture. There is a bit of room for some software tweaks, but in the meantime you can still capture great photos.

Free Uh Oh Protection plan: Apple, Samsung, and Google charge you extra costs for accidental damage coverage and even more for the deductible after damage. HTC provides free one-year coverage if you buy the HTC 10 directly from its store. You can use it once to replace your device if it suffers water damage or a broken screen. If you never use the coverage, you get $100 towards your next HTC phone which is what I used for the HTC 10 purchase.

microSD card with adoptable storage: Samsung and LG also offer a microSD card on its latest devices, but neither support adoptable storage. You can enable this on your HTC 10 and it will merge your microSD card storage with the internal storage and treat it the same as internal storage.

Sense UI with app duplication minimization: HTC Sense continues to soften and is my favorite manufacturer user interface, offering helpful features and utilities without compromising speed and performance. HTC also minimized the duplication of apps, something that Samsung still struggles with today.

Front fingerprint scanner: I much prefer front-facing fingerprint scanners as it allows me to unlock my phone while its resting on my desk. The HTC 10 scanner is also not a physical button, but an embedded area on the front that works at lightning speed to unlock your phone.

Unlockable bootloader: This one is for the Android fans that like to tinker. The HTC 10 is not only sold as a GSM SIM-unlocked device without carrier bloatware, but also shipped with an unlockable bootloader so you can do what you want with it.