Case maker renders and blue prints of Samsung Galaxy S6 are finally our featuring much slimmer and taller smartphone

Eventually, the much awaited latest smartphone of Samsung, Galaxy S6 is at the verge of its release. During the last month, we had a complete circle of leaks which included reports about the prototype, its cassis, and its dimensions sheets and finally case maker renders. The blueprints of this latest device exhibit quite slim and thin device with rounded curved corners along with a new and sensational touch based- finger print sensor which will be fitted in the much bigger home button.

During the last week MrYi, head of Samsung’s IR department, conducted a conference call with the investors in which he declared that company will be launching an “ innovative premium handset “ having a “special function”. We are not sure about what that special function will be. It might be its exclusive touch based finger print sensor or its multi-covers which might add various features. But as far as the “premium” is concerned, we can assume safely enough that it will be the Metal-clad chassis of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Mr.Yi was talking about because he gave assurance to the investors that Samsung will not face any kind of problems producing the metal chassis in large quantities in the future.

So based on all the previous leaks, renders and reports about the Samsung Galaxy S6, we can sum up all to give an accurate picture of what the Galaxy S6 will actually look like!