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Google releases Android TV remote for iOS

Google has finally released a version of the Android TV remote app for iOS and it works exactly as you might expect it to. As per usual, you’ll need your iOS device to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Android TV and then you’ll have a few different ways to control the TV. You can use the directional pad option, the touchpad option for easier scrolling, or use voice commands if that’s your preferred method. The app also has an always accessible play/pause button.

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Five Android apps that prolong your smartphone’s battery life

Have you ever found yourself wishing that your Android’s battery would last longer? Don’t answer that — I already know. Here’s a list of five of my favorite apps for prolonging the life of your Android’s battery. This collection of apps will not only extend the life of your handset, but could also improve its overall performance. Continue reading




Tasker is a puzzling little app on first glance, and while Tasker does many, many, many things, the easiest explanation is Tasker is an automation app that takes advantage of Android’s openness and versatility to help you do more. Want to turn on Bluetooth when you get in the car? Continue reading