The debut of the latest H.265 Codec For Face Time on Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, expected soon!

Apple’s latest iPhone6 and 6Plus are popular for their Flashy Retina Display and innovative form. In the past two years it has been reported that the coming smart phone devices would make use of H.265 Codec for the video playback. Apple has already taken a lead on this by making use of H.265 Codec in its Iphone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which is perfect for decoding and encoding the Face Time over the mobile devices. These phones also provide support for the older version H.264 Codec.

The major benefit of this new version H.265 Codec is that it makes use of half the bit rate as compared to H.264 for the delivery of video quality. H.265 was first introduced by the Motion Pictures Expert Group in 2012 , which has now become wide spread in the consumer gadgets. It is also expected that Apple A8 SoC would also contain a specialized module for encoding and decoding.

According to some specialists, the introduction of this latest module will give Apple an edge over its competitors in the market in terms of mobile video calling. The signal processing expert, Mathew Fleming pointed out that this new feature will give a particularly heightened potential to Apple in the realm of mobile video calling where higher bandwidth is a requisite.

This new version is expected to be officially launched in stores on 19 September, initially in nine countries while the international worldwide roll is expected to be a week after.