How to download Large files faster on Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Do you want to download files faster on your Galaxy S5? Samsung’s new Android flagship comes with a built-in ‘Download Booster’ mode that basically allows you to downloads large files (over 30MB) using both your Wi-Fi connection and cellular network at the same time, combining their bandwidth for zippier downloads. . This will come in handy, especially for users who are in a hurry to download a big file.

How to download files faster on the Samsung Galaxy S5
The good news if you’re a T-Mobile customer is that you’ll be able to use it. The bad news for folks on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint is that you can’t. In examining the SM-G900A AT&T variant of the S5, Android Police said a toggle for the download booster is completely missing, and there is nothing within any of the network settings allowing its use. The only big US carrier that seemingly supports it for the moment is T-Mobile.

How to Enable Download Booster Option

just open Settings and look for the Download Booster icon. By default, it’s a blue icon appearing at the top-most row, and you can enable it.

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