European Firmware for Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 now on their way to Europe

Samsung anticipated, attracting their customers with their mid-ranged Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5. These devices have smart metallic designs but they remained limited in supply to due to some problems in production. This kept their availability limited only to some of the Asian markets.

However, it now again seem that Samsung is looking forward to launching Samsung A3 and A5 in Europe. This can be said because a firm-ware for the European countries has been located on the internet and is available for downloading. This implies that the launch of the European versions of A3 and A5 is not too far away.

It seems to be a good step my Samsung to launch these comparatively low-end devices along with the Samsung Galaxy S6 when the expectations are building around it.
Both the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 were on display during CES 2015 and they are really nice to hold. Galaxy A3 has qHD display of 4.5-inch and Galaxy A5 has a 5.0 inch screen with 720p display. This might seems to be low but these devices are a complete package instead of just few raw specs. As for large number of people, having a 5.0 inch screen with a 720p display with Super AMOLED is more than just good enough.

The European consumers will be soon buying Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 and we still have to wait for their pricing and launch date information.

Stay Tuned for more updates!