Forget Glass; Google wants to plant Android right in your eye

Forget Google Glass, forget smart contacts. Google is going the whole nine yards with a “device [that] can be installed within a flexible polymeric material shaped to conform to the inside surface of a lens capsule of an eye.” For those of you wondering where exactly that situates the device inside your eyeball, time for a brief anatomy lesson.

Google may be thinking about putting Android in your eyeball
Perhaps the most disturbing bit of this device – for those of you who are squeamish about anything eyeball-related – is the injection process. It goes like this:

1. Inject a fluid into a lens capsule of an eye.
2. Position an intra-ocular device within the fluid in the lens capsule.
3. Solidify the fluid in the lens capsule to form a coupling between the lens capsule and the intra-ocular device.

we actually think it’s pretty damn cool. What about you? Is this a step too far in blurring the line between man and machine, or is it an inevitable step in our transcendence into god-like transhuman entities of pure energy? Let us know in the comments below!