The global first day pre-order sales of AT&T’s Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus, crossed the record breaking threshold of 16 Million!

AT&T has just released the estimated figures of its record breaking Apple iPhone 6 and 6Plus sales before their actual launch. The figures issued by AT&T shows that the pre-order sales have exceeded 16 million users in just one day sales on Friday, which never happened before in the history of AT&T, itself. The CEO of AT&T, Glenn Lurie said, “It was a terrific day for our customers and us. This is our biggest iPhone, pre-order launch day ever. When you combine our best-pricing, the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network, and a service experience that leads the industry, iPhone customers who choose AT&T win.”

AT&T is no doubt one of the most reliable, trusted and used communication network of U.S. that also operates internationally by offering international roaming facilities in many countries of the world.

We are expecting to see more addition to the rising numbers as the days roll by because if the things are placed in the perspective of the last year’s pre-order sales of iPhone 5 s/5c, they reached the 9 million mark on just the first day. If Apple iPhone 6 and 6Plus has really been successful in achieving this grand mark of 16 million in just one day, we can expect that company’s stock market price will start its journey towards the heights of glory, which will definitely cause some unexpected changes in the overall market.