Good news for Russian Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users: Android Lollipop update is rolling out on their smartphone

Latest Android 5.0 is moving slowly and steadily towards more and more devices. Now it is appearing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Russia. The update has already started seeding on the Note 3 smartphones beating the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 , behind.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users in the others part of the world, who are anxious to get their hands on this latest updates, can make use of this Russian update by downloading and applying it manually. If Russian Galaxy Note 3 users have still not seen the update on their smartphones, they can check the notification of N900XXUEBOA6 build update by checking it in Settings > About phone > Software.

This latest Lollipop update will bring about pleasant and stylish Material design to the already aging phablet of 2013. It is expected to bring about improvements in the Samsung’s TouchWiz function which was criticized for being not optimized for bigger screen.

In addition, this update will give it an increased battery life along with other general sorts of performance improvements which are already inherent in the new OS version. It is also said that Android Lollipop 5.0 will take some of the latest features of Galaxy Note 4 to Note 3. But this will become clear only after reviewing the latest update on Galaxy Note 3.

Now, as official roll out of the update has started, it can be expected to roll out on global scale, soon!