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Google Feed is testing a new design with large topic bubbles and lots of wasted space

It certainly feels like Google is redesigning its Feed every few weeks, trying to make it look and function better, and only sometimes succeeding. Like now when, if the latest report from Android Police is to be believed, the company is testing a redesign that looks flat-out terrible.

The changes made to the Google Feed this time around are less about usability and more about improving how content looks on your screen with a lot more whitespace. Based on the screenshots posted by Android Police, at least a couple of changes make the feed look horrifying.

Firstly, card topics have been moved outside the card, and into a separate pill-shaped bubble on top. It looks really awkward, and also wastes a ton of screen real-estate.

Google has also added subtle gradient backgrounds behind the cards, while keeping the card itself white, which also looks really bad.

Google Feed