How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Devices

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Device, Many people We found asking this question after August 15 2012 (The date when Adobe pulled Flash from the Play Store and they officially stopped supporting  Adobe Flash Player For Android) in many Smartphone’s forums. The answer for their question is, no doubt flash is being phased out of convention, and you won’t be able to download flash from the Play Market. That however doesn’t mean that you can’t get Adobe Flash Player For Android. Fortunately, though, it’s pretty easy to get Flash up and running manually, assuming you understand the risks.

Adobe Flash for Android Devices

Security Warning

Before we go to install adobe flash player on android, here I need a break to tell you about some security risks associated with now-unsupported Adobe Flash on your device…

  • There’s no official support Adobe Flash Player For Android now. That means no more security or stability updates, no official support channels if something goes wrong. In particular, if you’re using this on an Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) device, you can probably expect a few stability issues
  • The fact that security updates are no longer being developed for Flash for Android means that running this could potentially open you up to security risks and malicious Flash content. There’s no record of Flash exploits specifically targeting Android users, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.
  • You’re installing an app from a third-party source, so you’ll need to disable one of Android’s built-in security options. Remember to re-enable it afterwards for your device’s security.
  • On newer hardware, particularly devices running Android 4.1, you may experience stability issues with Flash content. That’s just the way Flash rolls on mobile devices.


We at SmartphonesUpdates take no responsibility for the results of the actions you are about to take.

Manual guide to install Adobe Flash Player on Android devices

1. Make sure you can sideload apps (more info about sideloading). Go to Settings > Applications > and check “Unknown sources” for Android 2.2 or 2.3, and Settings > Security for Android 4.1

2.  Now we have to procure the .apk installation file of flash. Download the latest version here.

3. Move the .apk to your phone and install it

4. Now pop open your stock browser:

If you are on Android 3.0 or later, go to Menu > Settings > Advanced > Enable plug-ins

For Android 2.2 or 2.3, go to Menu > [more] Settings > Enable plug-ins

5. You should now have Flash working on your device. Check this link on your phone to confirm that Flash is up and running.

adobe flash for android devices 1

adobe flash for android devices 2

adobe flash for android devices 3

Finally, once it’s working, you may want to uncheck the “Unknown sources” option once again to keep your phone or tablet secure.

We hope you would have get answer and solution for your question “How to install adobe flash player on android devices “. If you still have any question please comment bellow or join our discussion platform at Reddit

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Phones video tutorial

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Phones

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