How To Install Flash Player on Galaxy S4!

Adobe Flash Player still works great on the Galaxy S 4, but only on some browsers. I was surprised that they have even blocked it on the stock browser. But it works well when used with the right browser.

Note – No root required and works on ALL Galaxy S4s including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, GT-i9500, GT-i9505, etc…etc…

Step 1. Download FlashPlayer.apk to your S4.

Download FlashPlayer.apk


Step 2. Download browser like Firefox or Boat browser.  I recommend Firefox since it works out of the box without doing anything.


Step 3. Use your favorite File Explorer app to install the FlashPlayer.apk.


Step 4. Make sure you “Unknown sources” is checked on and re-install FlashPlayer.apk if you get blocked.


Step 5. Open up Firefox (or Boat browser) and browse to flash-enabled site like

Click on the flash video or game and enjoy!


Tutorial Source : galaxys4root

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