How to Pause Android music Quickly

Have you ever been listening music with your headphones while you’re working or studying, and suddenly someone comes and talks to you, making you unlock your phone and pause the music to be able to hear him? Or having to take out your headphones?

Here is a simple solution for your problem.

EasyMute allows you to control the music pause or volume by only putting your hand over your phone.

Optionally, you can configure EasyMute to lower the volume to a preset level. After installing EasyMute, just tap the Enable EasyMute button to turn it on.

easyMute Android app setting

EasyMute works with most Android music players, such as Google Music and even Pandora.


EasyMute is only compatible with Android 2.1 or higher and a proximity sensor. For the Samsung Galaxy S III, make sure to enable the proximity sensor by going to Settings > Motion.


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