How To Track Lost BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry Protect App

BlackBerry Protect is designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone and keep the information on it secure.BlackBerry® Protect is a free application designed to keep your information secure if your BlackBerry® smartphone goes missing. If you’re on an applicable consumer data plan (enterprise plans are not supported at this time), you can download BlackBerry Protect  and then log into the website where you can lock, locate or wipe your smartphone from wherever you are. You can also choose to have your crucial data backed up wirelessly and automatically, as often as you choose (daily, weekly, or monthly).


How To Track Your Lost BlackBerry 10

1. To enable the free service, go to Settings and tap on BlackBerry Protect.


2. The service will be turned off by default, but only requires you to slide the switch to the right to enable it. You’ll need to be signed into your BlackBerry ID on the device. If you need a BlackBerry ID, you can sign up for one here.


3. Now that BlackBerry Protect is enabled, should you ever misplace or have your device stolen, you can visit from your browser to locate the device.

Source : cnet