iOS 13.1 will annoyingly notify you if your iPhone 11’s screen is not genuine

Apple is rolling out iOS 13.1 already but there is a new feature it has added that may become annoying when you change your screen.

In an official statement by Apple, all handsets from the iPhone 11 family will prompt you with a message on the lock screen that your panel isn’t genuine, or the repair wasn’t performed by a certified Apple technician. This message will go on for four days and then will move in the main settings menu for another 15 days. After that, it will remain for good in Settings > General > About.

The implication of this statement is that a third-party shop is more likely to make this kind of mistake than an Apple-certified repair center. And that’s the whole point of FUD. At this point, it looks as though Apple’s move to widen the pool of companies that can repair its devices is mostly about convincing customers that they can only use Apple-approved sources while giving lip service to the idea of expanded repair access.