how to jailbreak iphone 5

In all Apple devices, Apple’s developers have locked their file system, which means you can’t download or transfer data to your device like you can do in Android. But no worries there is solution, you can jailbreak your device. It’s a process by which you can unlock your IOS device’s file system and can easily download or transfer data from your PC to your IOS device. But not like Android devices there is a small problem in jail breaking. You can only jailbreak some specific IOS version. You can easily jailbreak your device running on IOS version 6 to 6.1.2 by following the given steps.

Step no 1: First you have to download and open Evasion jailbreak software. Here is the link

Step no 2: Then you have to connect your device to your PC via USB cable. Software will automatically detect your device. Most importantly you should turn your passcode off. It might affect the process.

Step no 3: You will see a button with jailbreak written on it. Press that button and wait for the process to go through.

Step no 4: In the middle of this process evasi0n software will asks you to tap on an icon named jailbreak in the application. Tap on that icon.

Step no 5: Now wait for the software to finish the process. When the process is done your device will automatically reboot and it will show evasion logo and different other pop ups. After that your device will be again reboot. After that you will see Cydia is installed and you have a jailbroken IOS device.