Latest Samsung’s Gear VR for ultimate virtual experience

Gaining a real and life like virtual reality has been a hot topic in the past few years. It was until just recently that technology companies are able to gain an ability to commercialize the actual viable gadgets that provide the actual and amazing virtual experience. The company which is on the forefront for this pursuit is Oculus VR, the same company which introduced the Rift to us. Samsung has also been working in the same direction and working on the concept of virtual reality, it ventured on introducing an innovative ‘Gear VR’.

The most significant thing to notice about the Gear VR of Samsung is that it is a kind of joint venture by Oculus VR and Samsung which is evident by the marking “Powered by Oculus” , imprinted on one side of the Samsung’s virtual gadget. This new hi-tech virtual device will make use of the 5.7 inches Super AMOLED Screen of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 which will give the most powerful and sensational virtual experience. Paired with the other android based gadgets such as Note 4 for the QHD Screen and the Gear Circle, it will enable you to enjoy and experience the sharp, distinct and high quality sound during your activity. The company intend to introduce this hi-tech gadget in the market later this year at a price of €200 and you will also be able to buy it in a bundle offer of Samsung’s Game Pad controller and Gear VR at price of €250. It will be available on the Samsung’s retail outlets and on the carriers.

Samsung has attempted to explain the qualities, features and capabilities of Gear VR through their interesting info graphic. So check it out for a detailed overview;