LG planned to luanch its all metal Luxury smartwatch at upcoming MCW in Barcelona

With the expected release of the Apple smart watch, other companies are also diving into the competition of producing smart wearable. On Monday, LG announced that it has planned to officially present and launch it Urban Luxury smartwatch at the 2015 MCW event which is going to take place in Barcelona. This exclusive and latest smartwatch possess a power of Android and will feature a complete metallic body. The watch will be available in both silver and golden metallic body finish.

The watch will possess a stripped genuine leather band which is easily replaceable by any other strap of 22mm width. The Urban Watch by LG will be equipped with the exclusive photoplethysmography sensor. This sensor has an ability t o measure the heart beat rate and pulse of the watch user during exercising. The battery life has been extended by the use of 410mAH battery. The display of the watch is captivating which exhibit time with low lightning.

The Watch Urban Luxury is supported by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 which makes it a powerful gadget. It offers a DDR2 RAM of 512MB along with 4G native storage capacity. The watch is completely dust and water resistant which is guaranteed by IP67 certification.

The company has not yet announced or given any idea about the price range of this upcoming smartwatch. According to LG, it will announce the final price of the smartwatch when it will finally make its way to the market.