New ultrathin sticker can wirelessly charge your devices

A new technology can wireless charge almost any device including those without in-built wireless charging capabilities, such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad. A French startup, called Energysquare, has created a new type of technology that can wireless charge almost any device.

Energysquare is a two-part system that consists of a charging pad and a sticker that is place on the back of any device.

The sticker features two tiny metal dots (electrodes) along with a connector that is plugged into the charging port of the device. The device is then placed on the pad to start charging.


Unlike other wireless charges, which use electromagnetic induction, Energysquare relies on electric conduction, ‘CNET’ reported.

One noticeable flaw of the current design is that the sticker blocks the charging port your handset, so if you wish to charge it the normal way, you are required to remove the sticker. This problem has been noticed by Energysquare and the company will fix the issue by including a port on the backside with the second generation of their product.

Energysquare is priced at $89 and comes with a charging pad and five stickers.