Nokia Lumia 929 coming to Verizon in November in Black and White, $500 off-contract

Nokia is planning to announce the Lumia 929 for Verizon later this month.  sources familiar with the matter have revealed to Windows Phone Central. An inventory date of November 6th is listed for the phablet device, which may range in the 5-inch range as opposed to AT&T’s expected 6-inch device codenamed “Beastie” (also known as the Lumia 1520).

The device will be sold in black and white and possibly in a red color as well. The off-contract price is said to be $500, much less than the $599 price for the Lumia 1520.

If the launch date is accurate, it will signify the first time in the US that Nokia will be able to launch two similar Lumias on two competing carriers at the same time, this device will be one of the six new phones that Nokia will be announcing at their October 22 Abu Dhabi event.