Nokia Normandy is reportedly a low-cost Android phone

The verge has reported that Nokia has stepped to introduce the new red android device whose codename is ‘’ Normandy ‘’. It is android’s forked version same as Amazon did with its Kindle line of tablets.

According to different sources this new device can run all the android applications such as Skype, and other mobile internet facilities. It has an access to Google play store and other Google services. It would be a good competitor with other android phones. This device is said to be a ‘’ full steam ahead’’. There is a possibility that its name ‘’ Normandy’’ will be changed into ‘’ Lumia four digit number’’.

This is said to be a low cost handset and its image was published by @evleaks. It is planned to release in 2014. There is also a possibility that Microsoft will reject it before releasing though Nokia- Microsoft deal is approved but still the merger is not finalized and until the deal is not finalized Microsoft has no actual authority over Nokia’s decision. Though the acquisition is done but still there is a question that Microsoft will allow to release the handset in the market or scrap the project in 2014.