Be ready to grab Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 at Carphone Warehouse in UK

It was reported just few weeks back that the Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 will head towards the United Kingdom and will be made available soon. Now this report has turned out to be true, as one of the eminent Retailer in UK, Carphone Warehouse is already taking the pre-orders of both the Galaxy smartphones. In addition to selling Galaxy A5 and A3 through the local retailers in UK, these smartphones will also be sold through Samsung’s official outlet in the country.

So those who were not able to place their pre-orders, no longer need to take tension, as Galaxy A3 and A5 will be available at CarPhone Warehouse for instant purchase in their retail as well as online stores.

The two variants of Samsung Galaxy will be available to the public in white and black colors. Apart from these, there will be an exquisite gold color version which will be available in the near future. Both Galaxy A3 and A5 are full metallic body sets which will give a premium and enhanced Samsung experience to the users.

The plans for Samsung Galaxy A3 will start from £22.50 per month in 24 equal installments on monthly basis while the rate for the Galaxy A5 will be £26.50 each month. The arrival of the gold version of Galaxy A3 at Carphone Warehouse will take place on February 23rd while that of Galaxy A5’s gold version will be available from March 2nd. So get ready to have an exciting Samsung experience in UK.