How to root Nexus 7

Rooting is the best way to free your device from any restrictions. With the help of rooting you can easily flash custom ROM on your device. it may void your device’s warranty but it can be very useful. You can easily root your Asus Nexus 7 tablet by following given instructions. But do it on your own risk, we are not responsible for any kind of damage to your device.

Step no 1: You can start the rooting process by enabling ‘USB debugging’ mode on your device. For that go to setting, developer Options, USB debugging. (If you are using jelly bean 4.2 or higher, then go to settings, About Device and tap on your build no until it say’s you are a developer.)

Step no 2: After enabling USB debugging mode, next step is to download SuperSU. You can download it from this link

Step no 3: Now download Nexus Root Toolkit. You can download the latest version from Its official website, here is the link

Step no 4: Now open the downloaded toolkit and install it. (This Toolkit will not work on Mac).

After installation, launch it. It will ask your device model, OS version. Choose your device and OS and apply, Go to the next step and select ‘Full Driver Installation’.

Follow toolkit instructions and install required drivers for your device.

Step no 5: Now you have to unlock the Bootloader. Click on the Unlock button to do so. (It will give you a warring that everything will be erased, so I suggest you backed up your device before doing so.)

Step no 6: Once your Bootloader is unlocked, click on the ‘Launch’ button under ‘Advance Utilities’.

A new window will be open, in this window click on the ‘Custom Recovery’ button under ‘Boot Temporary’.

After few minutes it will automatically open TWRP custom recovery. Use it to flash SuperSu you downloaded earlier. After SuperSu is flashed, reboot your device and you will see SuperSu in your Apps.

Your device is rooted enjoy.

(Via ‘wonderhowto’)

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