Rumors spreading about the Samsung Galaxy 6 Release date

It has been confirmed by now officially by Samsung, that it is going to launch its latest and most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 at the upcoming MCW event going to take place next month. With this confirmation, now most of Samsung enthusiasts are interested in the exact release date of the phone. They are anticipating that when they will be able to hold the awesome Samsung gadget actually in their hands.

The latest rumor about the availability of Samsung Galaxy S6 in the market suggest that it might be made available for purchase in the market on March 22nd or in few days after this date. So if we believe on this rumor, it means that Samsung fans do not need to wait much longer now to get their hands on Galaxy S6.

A tipster, who is supposed to be a Samsung employee, that Samsung has planned a vacation blackout period for the employees starting from March 22nd and will end up on March 30th. This will take place before the launching of the latest Samsung product. After this first blackout period, there is another blackout period on agenda, starting from April 19th which will last till April 27th. So there is a possibility that Samsung Galaxy S6 makes it way to the market during the first blackout period while Galaxy S6 Edge might release in the second blackout period. But the internal memo which is leaked online regarding the blackout periods, does not exhibit any kind of distinction in the device models on these blackout dates.

Even if Samsung release Galaxy S6 in its home market, it does not mean that it will instantly become available in all the markets worldwide. It will take time for making its way to the market of other countries.