Safety comes first: Samsung announced the safety solution for public based on LTE

Public safety has been a primary concern of almost all the major technology manufacturing companies. Samsung has initiated a step by announcing that it plans to launch a exclusive public Safety solutions that will be based on LTE. This new technology will enable the multimedia delivery of the data in cheap and efficient manner with minimum security risks involved. According to Samsung this upcoming technology will be a major candidate which is expected to operate the public safety networks of next generation because it is easily upgradable as well as extendable.

President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, Youngky Kim, communicated that the company has already gained the repute of “an innovator in the commercial LTE market” and with this step Samsung plans to extend its powerful LTE technology for the public safety.

The solution provided by Samsung will include the Push-to-Talk (PTT) service, IMC,eNB and evolved Multimedia Broadcast Service (eMBMS). The basis of all these solutions, according to Samsung, are the 3GPP Release 12 standard, which is claimed to be first of it’s kind by the company. Samsung is also planning solutions for the security of subway and railway and their operation solutions known as Railway LTE, having the same platform basis as that of PS-LTE. These solutions will be of great assistance to the government and transport agencies for improving their control on the operation, coordination and working of the railway traffic.

Samsung’s LTE solutions are expected to be officially available in Q3 2015.