Samsung choose an exclusive touch based finger-print scanner for the Samsung Galaxy S6

The smart phones are completely personalized devices which needs comprehensive security and protection. If you are to protect your personal phone data, it should be properly secured. It was difficult to achieve this in the past. But now due to enhancement in security technology on the devices, it is achievable.

For augmenting the security, Samsung has taken a step forward by introducing a finger print scanner on its previous flagship smart device, Samsung Galaxy S5. From then onwards, it has implanted this device security system in many of its other models including Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha.

Though Samsung has not been the first to introduce a finger print scanner in its devices but definitely its software has been far superior to the other companies. Now it has been reported by the reliable sources, that Samsung is replacing the swipe based fingerprint sensor software in its upcoming generation of Galaxy S. This new sensor will be also embedded in the home button. The home button in the new devices has been slightly enlarged for flawless finger print recognition. With this new sensor, you do not require to swipe your finger on the home button anymore. You just need to place your finger at any angle on the home button and simply lift it. You finger print will be scanned.

Along with this latest finger-print scanner, Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to promise some pretty exceptional and outstanding features with a semi-metal casing, hi-speed 64 bit chip set and Quad HD display.