Samsung to feature a combo of glass and metal design in Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has been often criticized for its monotonous phone designs for the last couple of years. But the rumors are now gathering that Samsung has concentrated its efforts to evolve the new and striking design of its latest and upcoming range of Galaxy S6. It is reported that Galaxy S6 will stand out from the previous smart phones in the Galaxy series in terms of design.

Samsung Galaxy S6 to have glass back panel, not metal unibody

This yet to arrive smart phone has been given a code name of “Project Zero”. It is expected to have a ground up build in its new flagship, the area in which we will be going to witness a genuine evolution by Samsung.

Most of the Gadget lovers are expecting it to have a unibody full metal design but the reports and leaks from Korea tells a different story. Recently, one of the officials from Samsung Electronics has spoke to one of the online publication of Korea and have shed some light on the plans of the company for its upcoming Galaxy S6. He reports, that the full unibody metal design will not be featured by both Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge S6. Instead, both the smart phone will feature a metal Frame which will be identical to the Samsung Note 4. From front and rear sides, this will be accompanied by the glass panels.

To place it in simple words, it is expected that the Galaxy S6 will feature the back glass panel which will definitely a daring step by Samsung.