Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps store is giving away in-app purchases worth $500

As part of a promotion, Samsung is going to give you over $500 worth of credits towards in-app purchases in popular Android games like Cut the Rope 2. How do you get it? Oh, through their obnoxiously-part-of-the-scene Samsung Galaxy Apps store. If you own a Galaxy phone (like a Galaxy S9, S8, Note 8, etc.), all you need to do is open the Galaxy Apps app, and tap on the little present icon in the top right corner. That will open up a promotions tab that should include a “CASHE VALUE PACK” with a value of “$500+.”

The promotion ends on May 16th, so if you want to grab some free in-app purchasers, head to the Samsung Galaxy Apps store now. That is, if you own a Galaxy branded handset.