Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to be launched in the US in mid August

A couple of months ago, we heard that Samsung could be ready to release the Galaxy Note 6 as soon as July. While that may be the case in some markets, it looks like the US will have to wait until August for the new Note to arrive. This won’t surprise us, since August was also the month when the Note 5 (pictured on the left) was launched last year.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet seen any notable leaks concerning specs to expect from the Galaxy Note 6. As far as features are concerned, however, a recent rumor claims that we may see a BlackBerry Hub-like experience called Samsung Focus debut on the Galaxy Note 6. While there’s little else to go off of right now, rumors will likely start heating up as we edge closer to August.

By the looks of it, the Galaxy Note 6 is turning out to be quite an interesting phablet. With about three months left for its release, we hope to encounter more leaks.