Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date and price

Everything about Samsung galaxy Note 9 with latest leaks

Update : 29/03/2018

Samsung galaxy Note 9 appears on a Samsung website

Hot on the heels of the Note 9 appearing in a benchmark database, now Samsung’s upcoming S-Pen holder is all but confirmed, as it has already been released in Samsung’s support pages. Yes, the SM-N960U internal codename has been listed on several country-specific websites, among tips on how to replace an S-Pen nib, indicating, well, a stylus-laden handset, surprise, surprise.

Samsung galaxy Note 9

Prepare to get excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Following some serious concerns, new information has broken from a top class source, which reveals the Samsung’s massive smartphone may be one of the year’s most exciting releases after all…

A leakster with a credible track record when it comes to Samsung’s upcoming phones and chipsets, now pegs the Note 9 to have a 3850mAh battery – much larger than the 3300mAh unit on the Note 8. In addition, they claim that Samsung’s upcoming S-Pen warrior will come with in-display finger scanner, after all. It should, the Mate RS just ate its lunch when it comes to ergonomic biometry.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date and price

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date and price
In recent years Samsung has shunned September’s IFA tradeshow for its new Note launch in favour of an Unpacked event held a few weeks earlier in August. This has enabled it to evade the hype of other flagships launching at IFA, and get its phone out to the market before the new iPhone.

In 2017 we saw the Note 8 launch on 23 August and go on sale on 15 September. (We won’t embarrass the company by talking about the Note 7 launch.)

In 2018 we had expected to see a Note 9 announcement at the end of August and an on-sale date mid-September. However, if Sammobile is correct about the impact of Samsung’s early firmware testing on launch date, we could see a July launch.

Galaxy Note 9 cost?
Galaxy Note 9 cost?
People were shocked by the RRP of the Galaxy Note 8 when it was revealed it would cost £869. But on closer inspection we found it worth every penny. Moreover, it’s now available for at least £100 less if you shop around online – Samsung prices usually fall by around 20 percent within the first three months of launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specification Rumours

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 An in-screen scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 An in-screen scanner
This has been rumored and it would be a great headline feature for the phone. Having the scanner on the back is awkward, but building it into the screen would both be convenient and the sort of high-tech, futuristic thing that could see the Galaxy Note 9 stand out among other handsets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery life

Samsung’s been conservative with the size of the battery in the Galaxy Note 8, understandably given what happened with the Note 7, but it’s meant that while the Note 8 should last you a day you’ll probably be plugging it in at night.

And it doesn’t charge as fast as earlier fast charging Samsung phones either.

That may have been a safety precaution as well, but if Samsung can find a way to deliver two-day life and truly fast charging with the Note 9, without risking an inferno, we’d be very happy.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Design

We know the Galaxy Note 9 will be big, but will it be much different to the Note 8? In a surprising statement, Samsung’s president of mobile, D.J. Koh, said the 2018 Note phone may have a foldable design, provided it could overcome various technical hurdles. He didn’t elaborate further. Samsung’s foldable phone, often referred to as Project Valley or Galaxy X, has always been viewed as a separate device to the Note range.

Since this statement was made, no other rumors about a foldable Note 9 have emerged, and like the fingerprint sensor it may have been put on hold for the 2018 phone. Another report from The Bell says the Note 9 will have a 6.3-inch OLED screen, making it the same size as the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is still a long time from launch meaning there isn’t much to go on as yet, though this will no doubt change over the coming months, especially now we have the Galaxy S9 and S9+ around.

We will update this feature as soon as any rumours or reports appear surrounding the Note 9 but for now, don’t expect anything official until the end of the summer.