Samsung Galaxy S 4 to hit 10 million in sales next week

The Samsung Galaxy S4, The fourth-generation Galaxy S smartphone received a warm wellcome in the market upon its arrival and the success story seemed to write itself.  According to JK Shin,one of the co-CEOs of Samsung

“We are confident that we will pass more than 10 million sales of the S4 next week. It is selling much faster than the previous model S3. Samsung spent 50 days to pass the 10 million sales mark for the S3. The S4 will be Samsung’s first ’10 million seller’ device less than a month after its official debut”

The report from Korea Times claims that JK Shin has confirmed that the next-generation Galaxy Note phablet would sport a 5.9-inch display.

The model will also get another push thanks to a stock Android 4.2 version that’ll be available for $649 at Google Play on June 26th. That’s a pretty impressive figure, especially considering its bizarre reveal.