Samsung Galaxy S5 : 1 million smartphones has already sold out in Germany

It’s been quite some time now that Samsung has made public some sales figure about its Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship phone. In the early part of this year, we heard that the Samsung sold out 10 million units of Samsung Galaxy during the first 25 days after its launch.

According to the recent news, Samsung has already sold out 1 million Galaxy S5 smartphone units in Germany. It is unlike the Samsung way though, as they do not disclose the sales figures of their device for the other countries except their own home country. So it is the first time that they have disclosed their sales figures for another country. The report also notified that the company has plans to ship 35 million smartphone units till the end of this year which is certainly not an impossible task for Samsung.

Samsung celebrated its success by offering a voucher of €500 to the lucky customer. The interesting thing to note about the launch day of Samsung S5 in Germany is that it is the same day on which Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were also launched in many other regions of the world, including Germany.

But all this doesn’t seem to effect the reputation of Galaxy S5. The sales show that still it is a great hand set with to-of-the-line features and specifications and is here to compete successfully with the top competitors like Apple.