Samsung's newest Gear

Samsung’s newest Gear Sport update fixes the battery drain, brings custom exercise features

Samsung is bent on adding new updates and features to its Gear smartwatches with the Tizen system on board, and the last major one it pushed was for the oldie but goldie Gear S2 even. The newer models are also getting some love, it seems, as, after the Gear S3 was hit with Tizen OS, the newer Gear Sport family is also getting it as we speak, with overhauled interface and notifications, as well as new features and bug squashes.

First off, the update should fix the notorious battery drain issue on Samsung Gear Sport and other units, which Samsung already tried to fix with a previous update to no avail. The interface to read out exercise information has been rearranged, and gotten easier to discern, plus you can now add a custom and personal heart rate target, too. The notification intervals while you jog, bike, swim, etc., can also be customized now.
Las but not least, besides the usual bug ironing and stability improvements, with the freshest R600XXU1ARC4 Tizen build you can finally disable that annoying alert sound that beeps every time you move after a prolonged inactivity period. Sweet. Don’t fret that the release date is a couple of weeks back, these things take a while to roll out to every users, but you’ll eventually get it.