Samsung to unveil Galaxy S5 in mid-March in London

Rumors about the release of new Samsung Galaxy S5 are all over the internet. It seems people are very excited and desperate for the new baby of Samsung Galaxy S series. There is another tip wandering around the internet about the potential release date of Samsung Galaxy S5. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launch in London during an event in mid-March says an Italian journalist citing.

Tweet by Flavio  (@flapic) “Samsung to hold its next Global launch (S5?) event in London in a mid-March date, a reliable source conformed me.”

If we looked into the past, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched in the same month in 2013. So this timeframe makes sense and rumored launch date of Samsung Galaxy S5 were also in the month of March. Rumor has it that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will take range and language of design into a new direction. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to have a metal body and 2k display.