Samsung will unveil Wearable Gear Glass this year at IFA (The Korea Times)

Just like Goolge Glass, there are rumors in the air that Samsung is also working on that kind of technology. It’s wearable wireless glasses which are used to do different tasks like if you want to take a picture just wear the glasses and Say “Take a picture”, it records what you are seeing, hands-free and even share it, if you are going on a road it will show you directions right in front of you, you can also send messages by just saying them. Samsung named it “ Gear Glass ”. According to Korean Times, Samsung are willing to release this gadget at IFA this year. Samsung is also calling it “Galaxy Glass”, According to their report, a Samsung anonymous official said that Samsung is not much interested in “Smart Glasses” at the moment. However reports and Samsung’s patent application says otherwise. It shows that Samsung will also join the market of “Smart Glass” sooner.

According to, a Samsung’s official claims that the new smart glass from Samsung will introduce a new concept to wearable devices and it will lead us to amazing and exciting new generation of communication. He also said that this smart glass will be work as a representative of our company in achieving the purpose of leading the new market with capabilities proved by this. These devices are not big profit makers, as before we will show our commitment as the leader of new market with steady releases.

According to the report, it works similar as Galaxy Gear like users can receive their calls, view their notifications, taking pictures, and also listen and control their music. We are also hopping it will be compatible with more device than Samsung’s first “SmartWatch”.