Samsung’s Lollipop release timing for Galaxy S5, Note 4 may have just been confirmed

The Android update for the mobiles is believed to take so long to roll out. It is probably hard to investigate the reasons for this, but experts believe that it’s the OEM; the customization of the android skin as per its features is the major thing for these delayed updates for the android. A lot of pre-testing before the launch of the updates is also a contributing cause to these delayed updates.

Samsung has already prepared and launched its Android 5 in the Galaxy S5 mobiles and this has been launched in some regions of the Europe. This update is about to come in the United States market. Some company representatives revealed that this update is ready to be launched and it will not only be launched with Galaxy S 5 but will also be launched with Note 4, Note Edge and also with the other older models which also includes the Galaxy S4.

It has been observed that Samsung has been making sincere efforts to make this lollypop update of the Android 5 on early basis. With this lollipop update, the Samsung has also planned for the streamlining of its bloatware apps and it’s going to combine many things together to bring the best update of Android for its valuable customers. Some distinguishing features will be added in this update of the Android 5 which will give Samsung a distinguishing edge over the products of its competitors. Such distinguished features will prove to be awesome for users of the Samsung mobiles.