Samsung’s Tizen SmartPhone to hit the Indian Market in November

The linux based Tizen Smartphone of Samsung are on their way towards their launch in India in November, this year. With respect to these smartphone, Samsung has brought about changes in their approach. The company now holds that they can make use of the content to make them stand out from the others in the competition. They think that this will enable them to keep their lead in the smartphone market of India.

We are not anticipating that the Samsung Z will also be launched at this stage, but it is more likely that the price of the Samsung Tizen will be same as that of Samsung –Z130E or SM-Z130H.

According to the Samsung’s director of media solution center, South East Asia, Tarun Malik, the main agenda of the recent global senior management meeting of Samsung was the launch of the Tizen Smartphone in India in November right after Diwali. For this purpose Samsung has developed a new Media Solutions Team. This team will work under the super vision of Malik for the promotion of Tizen in India. The new handsets will co-exist with the other Android devices.

Malik talked to Economic Times about the Samsung’s new venture. He says, “We started late, but we are very focused. We are not shooting in the wild. This is a game that has to be led by the device manufacturer and not the pipe (telecom operators).